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Tree Planting – Midtown Trees

Tree Planting

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Tree Planting

Over the last several years the arborists at MidTown Trees have become more and more concerned that our urban canopy in and around Indianapolis is in a state of rapid decline.  Simple math will tell the story; in Indianapolis there are over 200 tree crews, operating 5 days a week 12 months a year, performing an average of 2 tree removals per day… Yes, 24,000 trees per year!

Yes, homeowners, nurseries, and our landscaping friends ARE planting trees, however; we fear that the number of trees being planted each year in Indianapolis is far fewer than the 24,000 MATURE trees being removed.  To make matters worse, very often when an 80 year old Oak is removed, it is replaced with a little ornamental tree or worse yet, a Bradford Pear!

The above concerns have pushed us to establish a tree planting crew, and starting in 2018 it will be our corporate policy that we will not remove a tree without a commitment, and funding, from our client to plant a replacement tree on their property or in a public space.

In an effort to get our tree planting division up and running, we have formed a relationship with some fantastic arborist at Woody’s Warehouse Nursey in Lizton, Indiana. Woody’s grows only Native Indiana Hardwood Trees of the highest quality.

Please ask MidTown about planting a tree for you today.