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About Us

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About Us

First and foremost, MidTown Trees is about passion! For some reason, this company seems to attract passionate people. Passion for family, and professional tree care is the common thread, but mixed in is passion about photography, community service, woodworking, hiking, camping, and craft beer.

Our passion for tree care centers around caring for and preserving our urban canopy. This deep passion makes it easy for us to continue to invest our corporate resources, as well as, our personal time in the education, skills, and training necessary to ensure your trees are getting the most professional care available in the Indianapolis are.

This passion made it an easy decision to adopt a corporate policy that we will not remove a mature tree (dead or alive) without planting another one to replace it.

This passion also allows us to willingly set aside on day every month where 2 to 5 of our employees perform community service work, which in 2016 totaled more than 250 hours. Some of the community organizations we are proud to have worked with include: Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, The Veterans Administration Cemeteries, The Broad Ripple Village Association, Indy Parks, and Midtown Indy, Inc.

Don Arbogast’s arborist’s roots go back for many generations to his Danish/German ancestors, as “Arbogast” translates to “guest of the forest”. True to his roots, for Don’s 4th Grade class project he put together a book which identified 30 native trees by their leaves (Yes, he still has the book).

Don grew up in Indianapolis, graduating from North Central H.S. and them from Ball State University before spending many successful years in the insurance business as a construction insurance and surety bonding specialist.

In 2013 he finally followed a lifelong dream of going into the landscaping business which quickly lead him to specialize in the tree care business with the formation of MidTown Trees, LLC early in 2014.

Why?—“because I saw that the tree care industry in Indianapolis was full of rednecks with buzzing chainsaws who knew nothing about proper tree care. I saw a need for an educational, consultative, approach to tree care.  Most companies in Indy are ‘grip it and rip it, cut the tree down, and spit tobacco’.  At MidTown Trees, our staff is made up of true arborist, including two Certified Arborists.  We are tree huggers and are much more interested in the proper care for our trees than making a lot of noise.  I guess I was right, because our little company now boasts over 1,000 clients who would not dream of calling anyone else and refer us to their friends and neighbors every day.”

Don has three grown children and he lives in Midtown Indianapolis.  In his spare time he loves mountain biking, camping, and skiing.

My name is Brian Dolan. I am an arborist because I care deeply about trees and the urban forest. We do ethical and modern tree care backed by current arboricultural research. After we have completed a job, the client should know that we stand behind our work and practices. 

I have been making my living with a chainsaw since 2003(line clearance, logging, AmeriCorps St. Louis Emergency Response Team, US Forest Service Wildland Firefighter, and climbing arborist). My Certifications entail; Certified Arborist, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, Wilderness EMT, Green belt in crochet, and a plastic fork artist!  I have been a professional tree worker for 14 years.  Fun fact about me…I have been in 2 helicopter crashes!

John Massing, a Purdue University graduate, is one of MidTown Trees’ ISA Certified Arborists’ and oversees the plant health care division.  He believes that educating our customers is the most important aspect of his job. With many years of experience in the Tree Care industry, John has obtained a wealth of knowledge about the arboriculture and its practices making him a vital member of MidTown Trees. 

Mark Smith’s passion for being an arborist comes from the desire and want to help preserve our most important and beautiful resource (trees) for generations to come. He has been in the arboriculture industry for 14 years; started with residential land clearing, and then moved onto the residential service where Mark has been since 2013. TCIA Certified Ground operations specialist, Chipper operator specialist, Tree climber specialist, SRT Climber specialist, and Safety specialist. He is also one of MidTown Trees’ crane operators.

Loving the job and his family of seven, all daughters, makes Mark’s personality stand out among a crowd.  “I will not allow anyone on site to take any risk without mitigating it to a safe level.”  Our primary goal is to stay safe regardless of the task at hand, and this is done by staying at the forefront of the education and training within our industry. At the end of the day it’s about each and every one of us getting home safely to our families after a job well done

Michael Reardon has been with MidTown Trees since the first year of its operation.  “Honestly I love this company, I have seen its evolution and know where it can go and I am so excited for it.  This is made possible because of each team member at Midtown Trees.  We all know that we all have families and have to work hard. We come in in the morning for each other and for the love of this job.  I see these guys more than my own family, and I can honestly say without a doubt, we are family. That comradery and passion that we have for ourselves and each other is the exact attitude we bring to the job.”

Pedro Cristobal is a 10 year veteran of the arboriculture industry. He is a valued climber and knowledgeable member of MidTown Trees.  Pedro Power is just another aspect that separates MidTown from the rest of the pack.  “Pedro Power” is what is needed to finish the job; either it be pulling over a rigged spar, lending an extra hand of support, or lifting a 50lbs. plus piece of wood. Plus you can’t be that winning smile.